NB Sharing

NB Sharing is a program designed by and for the Food Banks and Soup Kitchens of New Brunswick. Its benefits are shared by all members of the New Brunswick Association of Food Banks (NBAFB). Kicked off in March 2000, the NB Sharing program appoints a special coordinator whose job it is to oversee the program, to keep records, to produce and supply the stores with all the materials related to the program, to oversee all promotions and marketing and to ensure continued cooperation between the participants and the program in order to guarantee its continued success.

Here is how the NB Sharing Program works: Coupons valued at $2.00 each are placed at the checkouts of participating stores in booklets of 50 each. Customers have the opportunity, as they pay for their purchases, to include a donation of $2.00 to their local Food Bank. Each donation is credited to the assigned Food Bank. Gift certificates redeemable at participating stores are issued to food banks and community kitchens as the amounts accumulate. These coupons have no monetary value until scanned through the system. When they are activated, the credits are applied and certificates are issued to the Food Bank.

The current participants in the NB Sharing Program are:
Sobeys, Atlantic Superstore, Save-Easy, Price Chopper, IGA and CO-OP.
Convenience stores can also be added to this list, provided that they have a bar-code reader.