How We Help

The New Brunswick Association of Food Banks meets regularly with the provincial Social Development Minister to review funding that is allocated to the Community Volunteer Action Program, a program designed to assist community non-profit agencies in providing basic needs (such as food) to citizens as related to their emergency situations.

The NBAFB also issues press releases and participates in the annual Hunger Count survey which is critical in evaluating the situation of hunger in Canada and in promoting public and government awareness of the hunger problem. The results of the hunger survey are subsequently analyzed and recommendations may be made to improve social policy and attempt to alleviate the social issue that is hunger.

The NBAFB also contributes to public education concerning hunger by participating in and contributing to National Hunger Awareness Day, an annual event whose purpose is self-explanatory: to raise awareness on the problem of hunger across Canada. Food Banks Canada has set in place a committee to help organize and coordinate events for Hunger Awareness Day.