What We Do

The New Brunswick Association of Food Banks Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose membership is comprised of food banks and soup kitchens throughout the province of New Brunswick. The membership is organized in geographic districts, for purposes of representation on the Board of Directors and food distribution.

The New Brunswick Association of Food Banks Inc.:


 acts as a voice for community food banks and community kitchens across the province;
 advocates for food bank users;
 conducts research on hunger;
 promotes the dignity of food bank and community kitchen users;
 promotes the ethical stewardship of donated food;
 coordinates the distribution of large donations coming from Food Banks Canada's National Food Sharing System;
 works with NB food banks, community kitchens, corporations and the government to help solve the province's hunger problem;
 coordinates the distribution to all 5 districts in the provincial system of donations coming from APS and Allied Reclamation; and
 engages in public education and advocates for public policy change in order to reach the root causes of hunger in New Brunswick and Canada.


Managing the NB Sharing program
Operating a Provincial Food Dist. System
Preparing a directory for members
Membership with Food Banks Canada
Improve the public awareness of hunger