Need Help?


If you need food for yourself and/or your family, please call 506-227-0417 and the NBAFB will refer you to your local food bank. Be sure to read the information below to learn what you need to do once you have the location of your local Food Bank and its hours of operation.

What to expect when visiting a food bank?


The majority of our member Food Banks are located in local churches and community centers. They are run by dedicated staff and volunteers who pick up food, stock shelves and support clients by distributing food.

We recognize that if you are accessing a food bank, you are likely experiencing challenges in your life and we encourage all of our member Food Banks to create an empowering environment for those who access food. In order to make your experience positive, the staff and volunteers of New Brunswick Association of Food Bank's member agencies create an environment of mutual respect and caring for all food bank clients.

What you need to bring


When you visit a food bank, you will be asked for information about your income, your address and your expenditures. It is important to bring the following:

Identification for all family members
Proof of your current address

This information is asked the first time you visit the food bank. You will not be required to bring it at each visit but we recommend that you bring a piece of identification each time.